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Willkommen = Welcome. #basicgermanwords

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Hello #staircasefriday. Hello @mr.wgnr. #wuvgramwalk1

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Hi, #haveyoumet Frankfurt? Yesterday, I found myself describing the people I met in this city. They are nothing like me. And somehow, they are not even like each other. Each of them is so different in were they came from and who they are now. In school, we would have sat on the opposite side of the classroom. All the more I am so thankful to have found them. Because although we are so different, we fit like a glove. They invest in each other and they don't judge. There is nothing bad to be said about other people and they give a lot. They don't ask for things in return. They are very smart, very professional and they share that knowledge to help other people grow. They are not ashamed to criticize when needed. There are much more things I value about each single one of them. Yesterday, I found myself describing the people I met in this city, you guys, as the strongest people and the best friends someone could have. As friends, everyone should have. Frankfurt has grown to be the place were I want to spend my time at: to have exactly those conversations and to sit in silent to see the view, to plan the next glass of wine or the next trip. I want to grow to be the kind of friend, that you guys are to me. Just a word with you, Frankfurt. I have found my home. #wuvgramwalk1 #makeportraitsnotwar #letsneverforgetthosedays

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This city #frankfurt • • Motörhead - Dance

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